Everyone’s a Theologian


Everyone’s A Theologian

by R.C. Sproul

Systematic theology is a daunting subject. My husband, being enrolled in seminary, loves it. He can talk about it day and night…24/7. It’s not that easy for me. Most books I’ve encountered are hard to understand and quite frankly, boring. This saddens me to say being that systematic theology should be something integral to a Christian’s life.

This is why I’m thankful for the mind and understanding of Dr. Sproul. He explains systematic theology in a way that anyone can understand because, after all, everyone’s a theologian.

This book excites me as a young adult because Dr. Sproul effortlessly explains trying concepts in simple terms. Topics such as “theology proper, anthropology, Christology, pneumatology, soteriology, ecclesiology and eschatology are all reviewed, and reviewed well in this book. If you’re like me, it’s easy to get lost in a conversation with someone who uses these terms on a regular basis. However, each chapter of this book will help break it down. By no time, you will be confident in the study of God’s word.

There are so many questions one may have about God’s nature or the way of the Church. Through the depth of each topic, many of your questions will be answered!

One of my favorite quotes is found on page 325 “Our Lord gives to us and to the world these sober warnings (referring to Matthew 25:1-13). God has appointed a day, and He has appointed a Judge, and the Judge is the Lord Himself. When we stand before that judgment, we had better be ready.”

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit I believe Dr. Sproul helps many fellow Saints prepare for the Judgement day. Dr. Sproul states, “Everyone, is a theologian, but either a good or bad one.”  Let us be ready for the day of our Lord’s return!



To comply with Federal Trade Commission guidelines, I was asked that I would note in my review that I received a free copy of this book in return for my review from Reformation Trust. I am not obliged in any way to write a positive review.)


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