The Donkey Who Carried a King


The Donkey who carried a King – Book Review
Written by R.C. Sproul
Illustrated by Chuck Croenink

If I’m ever blessed with an opportunity to have kids this book will be a staple for my family. “The Donkey who carried a King” written by R.C. Sproul and illustrated by Chuck Croenink, opens with a moment that many parents are all too familiar with. The little boy comes home in tears because he was and always is picked last for any game the neighboorhood boys play. In the book the grandfather ties in scripture to teach, and comfort his grandson. The grandfather tells one of his lustrous stories about a Donkey named Davey in which Riley can relate all too well. Davey, like the little boy was unhappy because he was never chosen for any important tasks. Then, one day, everything changed. Davey was chosen to carry Jesus into Jerusalem for the ‘triumphal entry to Jerusalem.’ After such an important task, Davey was unhappy to do just about anything because after all, he was special; he carried the King. At last, the punch line comes. Davey realizes after talking to old, wise Barnabas, in order to be like the King he carried, he too needs to be a wiling servant- no matter the task.

This book is wonderful for kids and parents alike. It uniquely explains bible stories from different perspectives. It effectively takes a problem that many kids and parents deal with and offers a clear, biblical solution. Nothing is left out. Sproul tells the Gospel through the eyes of the Donkey and then gives application through the character of the Grandfather. It’s always encouraging to come across a book that articulates bible stories in different ways (i.e. the stories of Balaam, the donkey Barnabas and Davey). It makes the Gospel understandable and fun for kids all the while offering explanation and application for parents at the end. It is great how the Gospel is clearly communicated on page 33. It specifically shows two different aspects of Jesus in this short and beautifully illustrated childrens book. It shows Jesus as King of all and a servant to His people. Even if you aren’t familiar with the bible, the section, “For the Parents” gives you the resources to understand for yourself in order for you to further explain it to your kids. It’s a great book for people of all ages.

(To comply with Federal Trade Commission guidelines, I was asked that I would note in my review that I received a free copy of this book in return for my review from Reformation Trust. I am not obliged in any way to write a positive review.


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