The Lightlings


The Lightlings 

Written by R.C. Sproul

Illustrated by Justin Gerard 

In this story, little Charlie is afraid of the dark. Charlie asks his mom why he is afraid and like many of Sproul’s stories, Grandpa has the answer. Charlie asks grandpa why are so many people afraid of the dark, (I thought the typical answer would be inserted here) but grandpa surprises me and says that “many people are afraid of the light.” From there grandpa goes back to the beginning. It starts with the King of Light and the lightlings. Even though all was perfect in the light, the lightlings rebelled and sinned against the King of Light. After their sin, their light grew dim and they hid in the dark. When the lightlings left the King withdrew his Light fron the forest. One day, after the darkness engrossed the forest and the lightlings are stumbling in their darkness the lightlings see a shining light. This light is coming from a little baby, who is the son of the King of Light. This son would light the whole world.  Upon seeing the baby the lightlings are once again made bright- not from within themselves but from the reflection of the baby. This new light has changed their lives forever. They are no longer stumbling in the dark.

My favorite line is this, “You see, Charlie, we’re afraid of the dark because we were made to live in the light.”

This book illustrates how Christ is the Light of the world. The King of light (God) gave us his son (Christ) so that we will never have to be afraid of darkness. Not only is the book beautifully and wonderfully illustrated- it will help any parent soothe their child when they are afraid of the dark. By God’s grace, through this book, children will grow up not being afraid of the dark but yearning for the light. It reveals to adults and children alike that we are stumbling in the dark, alone and afraid but our merciful God sent us a light that will never be consumed by darkness. Christ, the light of the world has defeated darkness once and for all. What a beautiful reminder!

As always, there is a section in the back that thoroughly and biblically explains this allegorical tale.



(To comply with Federal Trade Commission guidelines, I was asked that I would note in my review that I received a free copy of this book in return for my review from Reformation Trust. I am not obliged in any way to write a positive review.)


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