The Priest with Dirty Clothes


The Priest with Dirty Clothes

Written by R.C.Sproul 

Illustrated by Justin Gerard 

Righteousness is such an important concept that we all need to grasp. That concept makes this book very important for Children. It takes the passage of Zechariah 3:1-5 and makes it understandable for children and their impressionable minds.

I love how this book starts out with the actual passage from the book of Zechariah. It is important as Christans that we do not substitute the Bible with books written by gifted expositors of the Word. The book then, creatively explains the passage that was given.

Like many of Sproul’s children books this book begin wit the wise grandfather telling his grandchildren and allegorical tale. This tale is about a new priest who was to go preach a sermon before the Royal King and his household. On the way to deliver the sermon the priest fell off his horse and was forced to deliver his sermon in his dirty clothes. The king said he could come back only if his clothes were clean. Jonathan the Priest tried so hard to make his clothes clean. Jonathan tried to get clean clothes but he could do nothing on his own accord. Jonathan then proceeds to the great Prince. The prince then tells the priest that its not just his clothes that are dirty but his heart is also.

It beautifully shows how when the priest, in his dirty clothes, approached the King for the second time. The prince stood in his place. The prince gave the priest his clean, royal robes. The king replies ” Yes, my son. As long as he wears your clothes, he may stand in front of me.” He goes to show how the prince gives clean clothes to the hearts of those who believe as well.

It clearly illustrates Christ as the propitiation for our sins. He takes our sins and gives us his righteousness. It’s a tough concept that through this book, even kids can understand. Also, in the end it has a section to help explain it to the parents. I mean after all, this is an important concept to grasp!

What a great and tender story that clearly explains the Gospel!



(To comply with Federal Trade Commission guidelines, I was asked that I would note in my review that I received a free copy of this book in return for my review from Reformation Trust. I am not obliged in any way to write a positive review.)


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