The Wholehearted Wife


The Wholehearted Wife 

By Erin, Greg and Gary Smalley 

As a newlywed, 24 year old female, this book was like a breath of fresh air. Smalley lists 10 keys to a more loving relationship. Within those 10 keys she lists practical examples and applications. As a woman, I often time think that I love well. It is a part of my DNA, right? Wrong. Love well does not come easy and for some reason, it is hardest in our martial relationship. Why is it so hard to love your husband? Why is marriage hard? Why is my marriage not working? This book is different than other books I have read. Erin Smalley encourages us with wisdom she received from her father-in-law, Gary, which provides unique insight. Instead of writing a check list of I need to do this, this, this and this and then I will have a better marriage- Smalley looks at your heart, and gives practical, biblical examples for you to be a better wife. Being a Godly wife will naturally flow into your marriage, thus creating a Godly (better) marriage. The chapters explore a different aspect of Scripture principles to the marriage relationship with the focus on growing as a wholehearted wife. I have heard this information several times through several authors and each time (specifically, this time) it comes as a great reminder, a breath of fresh air. I enjoyed how many brief exercises are included for self-reflection and how the author gives us personal examples. It’s great to know that we are not alone! At times, however, it was difficult to decipher who was the speaker. It made for a slightly confusing read. Although this book was a good read, it did not “wow” me. Most importantly, the content of the book is Biblical. In this day and age, biblical teach is of the utmost importance. I would definitely recommend it to any woman wanting to focus on her own attitude, sanctification and commitment to her husband.. Often times we think the problem is anyone and anything around us when really, the problem is you. This book will help you become a wholehearted wife.

I received a free copy of this book from Tyndale Publishing house in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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